Status: CLOSED

Welcome to my Commissions page! Here I'll write up everything you need to know and have prepared before submitting your request. I accept commissions through Artistree, which I'll have a link to at the bottom of the page if open. Now, onto my TOS!

Terms of Service

I will draw...

Original Characters - Whether they're from D&D, an MMORPG, or even a character from a story you're writing, I'll happily create a visual for them!

Humanoid Characters - I'm most experienced in these kinds of characters! (Elves and Twi'leks for example, but I can't really do characters like Khajiit very well. Mostly because my fur texturing could use more practice when it comes to full body fluffiness).

I won't draw...

Fan Art - I prefer to leave this off of the table as it is too much of a gray area in terms of legalities. So no art of Sylvanas Windrunner or the Pilsbury Dough Boy, unfortunately.

Mecha - Quite honestly, I only recently learned what this term was, thus I cannot offer art for these characters. Sorry about that!

Furries - It's nothing personal at all! I just haven't practiced anything of animals in a long time, so I wouldn't want to absolutely demolish your character.

NSFW - I don't want my memaw to be disappointed in me.

Important Information

✦ I reserve the right to deny any request for any reason, especially if the request breaks my terms. I will always notify the client if I deny a request.

✦ When submitting a request, please make sure you have all of your references and details together. At least one reference image is required as well as any written details that may not be in the reference image(s).

✦ I will still hold the copyright to the artwork. This means you cannot resell it or use it for commercial purposes.

✦ If you decide to post the artwork on social media or elsewhere, please credit me in the description either by tagging me @Azyrax (Twitter, Instagram) @AzyraxArt (Facebook) or linking back to my shop at Also, I recommend posting the small version of the commission instead of the full version (I'll send you both versions) so that no one can take the full version from you and run with it like a madman.