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Will I be able to track my order?

All orders will have tracking numbers provided via email as soon as they ship out.


Can I add a gift note?

I would love to implement this in the future, but with my current shop setup and fulfillment methods, I can't guarantee that a gift note would be included since orders ship split up sometimes and it may be missed.


Can I cancel my order?

Due to the way my shop works, you are unable to cancel your order once it is placed. Sorry about that! If you need to make any changes (e.g. address change), please send me a message as soon as possible with your order number and I will try to correct it. I cannot guarantee I will be able to do this as orders automatically go into fulfillment so please double-check your information at checkout.


Shipping & Fulfillment


Where do you ship to?

At the moment, I only directly ship to the USA. This is due to various taxes/fees that occur if I were to sell directly to other countries. This does not mean they are excluded entirely, though! If you live outside of the USA and would like to make an order, please let me know by email or message and I can arrange a special listing for you to purchase that will include the necessary fees as well. :)


What are the fulfillment times?

Below will tell you the average fulfillment time within the USA for each item offered in my shop. If you'd like to view shipping times, they're available at checkout!


Shirts 2-5 business days (fulfilled in the USA.)

Hoodies 2-5 business days (fulfilled in the USA.)

Footwear 3-7 business days (fulfilled in China.)

Wall Art 2-5 business days (fulfilled in the USA.)

Tech Accessories 2-5 business days (fulfilled in the USA.)

Stationery 2-5 business days (fulfilled in the USA.)


Have a question that isn't answered here or in the policies?

Contact me with your question and I'd love to help you out!